About John dunne artist


John's artistic bent was influenced by the art of Japan, especially that of the Kabuki theatre, with it's use  of contrasting and vivid colours. He also encountered the beauty of line in Chinese art together with the work of Malayisian artists. These influences run through his paintings even today, with its preference in the use of primary/ complimentary colours. His travels then took him to the Mediterranean, to Cyprus, where he spent several years painting the landscape and people of that beautiful island.

John Dunne is essentially a Figurative painter who works in several mediums, including Oils, Acrylic and Pastels. He has concentrated on creating work that allow a fuller expression of his feelings and attitude to different subjects. Over the last twenty years he had created a series of paintings based on Childrens games on Dublin's streets, -'The Tain', -The 'Song of Songs', -'The Dream of Gerontius' and 'The Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross.He is presently working on a series based on life of Don Quixote

He lives in Ireland and works from his studio outside Dublin.

He can be contacted on Email on dunnetheartist1940@gmail.com

Mobile 35310876707045 or 353012825848